• Joe Rodriguez

What May Happen If Offense Continues to Struggle

The Dallas Cowboys offense is reeling hard. Ranked 30th overall in offense and 31st overall in the passing game. Those rankings are abysmal and just part of the story.

As it stands now, this team's outlook looks grim unless a few things are fixed.

What is the problem? If you ask any fan, you'll hear it all, which include

  • Scott Linehan playcalls

  • Dak Prescott has regressed

  • We have no pass catchers

  • The offensive line has fallen off

  • Play execution

You could literally say it is all of the above, but what could happen if the shortcomings continue.

Here is the timeline of upcoming games

  • Detroit Lions

  • @Houston Texas

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

  • @Washington Redskins

  • Bye Week

The first domino to fall would be a change at playcaller -- Scott Linehan could get canned at the bye week and Jason Garrett takes over

If Jason Garrett does not get the team into playoffs, he will likely get canned as well.

New regime, and draft a QB in the first round

These are just hypotheticals and something I hope does not happen. I want Dak Prescott and this team to turn it around because the other option is scary considering what this team's front office has done without a vision from the head coach.

For the full breakdown, click play. Enjoy the latest release!

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