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Randy Gregory Reinstatement Coming Soon, Plus Dak Prescott WR Summit

Randy Gregory has take an unconventional path to get his NFL career going, but with a lot of commitment and hard work, Gregory could see the field very soon.

Roger Goodell and the NFL have met with Randy Gregory and his representation, and the decision to reinstate him after serving his 1yr ban is up-to Goodell now.

The NFL has 60 days to make a final decision, and it's expected that Gregory could be back somewhere around the 1st week of training camp, depending on how long Goodell wants to drag his feet.

Additionally, Dak Prescott will be spending this period between now and training camp with his wide receivers. The get-together is being called a WR summit, in which Prescott will continue to grow chemistry and valuable camaraderie with his squad, including incoming rookies Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson

Cole Beasley is the most tenured vet from the group that will be participating. Terrance Williams is still rehabbing from his offseason follies.

For the complete breakdown click play. Enjoy the latest release!

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