• Joe Rodriguez

Cowboys Lose Third in a Row, Season in Doubt

Just when you thought the season would have the chance to get back on track, the Cowboys bumble this up and now this train is coming off the tracks.

It is no longer early in the season, so anyone throwing that out as an excuse for hope is on some drug of some sort. What you have seen for 6 weeks is not good football.

Supposedly, We could only beat bad teams, but lose to good teams. This latest loss disproves that excuse. The Cowboys cannot even beat a 0-4 team, with Sam Darnold whom has missed the whole season with mononucleosis. You can't even make that up.

It's a black eye for the Cowboys, and the Cowboys as a whole, from top to bottom.

You've stuck with Jason Garrett for 9 seasons, and it's the same old results.

Stephen, Jerry, its time. It's time to put everything you can for the next coach search.

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