• Joe Rodriguez

Cowboys Defeat Giants 20-13

The Cowboys were able to avoid a dreaded 0-2 start to the season when they defeated the New York Giants 20-13.

The score makes it seems closer than it actually was. The Cowboys defense mauled the Giants. Much of the mauling came at Eli Manning's expense when the Cowboys sacked him six times.

Manning was under heavy duress all game and beat up along the way. Jaylon Smith laid the wood on Manning when he tried to run upfield, and Jaylon made him pay with a jarring hit.

The Cowboys shutdown Saquon Barkley and the stats backed that up with Manning throwing the ball 44 times. Usually when you throw the ball that much, you're in trouble.

I said Ezekiel Elliott needed 20 carries or more to win the game, and he came close with 17 carries for 78 yards and a touchdown. Moving forward, those numbers need to go up.

The Cowboys offense started the game with a sense of urgency and command with their first two series, but the wheels fell off for a full quarter and a half before the Cowboys returned to the RPO.

Linehan has issues with in game adjustments and the gameplan looks vanilla, until the Cowboys go back to the RPO. We need more consistency from the play calls. The execution was there, but again, the play calls sucked.

Don't get it twisted, I like this win over the hated Giants, but this offense still has some things to get through. The good thing is we can iron these issues out early with the Seahawks and Lions next.

After Detroit, the Cowboys offense will be tested like week 1, when they face the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguar defenses.

For more on the game, click play. Enjoy the latest release!

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