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Cowboys Bring Back Brice Butler | What it Means

It started as a rumor leading up to the Cowboys game versus the New Giants, and today that rumor has become reality as the Cowboys re-signed Brice Butler.

Butler left the team in free agency, and had some not so flattering words pointed at the organization and offensive coaches, not so much by name, but it was inferred.

Question is, why? and what is expected?

The reality is the Cowboys are playing WR and TE by committee and that just never really works. Unless you're the Patriots and the Cowboys are not that.

You need a solid TE, and you need someone to put fear in the secondary. The Cowboys haven't had that this season and it is allowing defenses to play more aggressive.

I still view the issue as scheme and the inability to in-game adjust. Scott Linehan could not utilize Megatron (Calvin Johnson), Dez Bryant, and now some committee of WRs.

It sounded good on paper in the offseason with Sanjay Lal, and this and that, but reality is here. You need some pass catchers.

I'm not saying this is the end by any means, but if things don't improve quick, then top management has themselves to blame.

Utilize your Ferrari that is wasting away in the backfield, and use some more RPO which plays to Dak's strengths. If Linehan can open his mind and playbook, then we'll be ok.

For the full breakdown, click play. Enjoy the latest release!

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